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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our links with NZ

11.Learning about NZ
Our tryst with NZ began when a group of teachers led by Principal Diana Tregoweth from Owairaka School in Auckland NZ landed in our school to learn more about India .It set the ball rolling for our explorations about NZ a country about which we knew little more than its cricket team .It was not possible for us to arrange a reciprocal visit immediately but that did not deter us from learning more about the land of Kiwis . Our teachers were quick to surf the net and train pupils in Hakka Dance which caught everyones imagination and proved the might of technology in bridging the gap across cultures .Our visitors from Owairaka School were visibly moved by Hakka welcome they received .They shared a great deal about their culture and education system and a good rapport was established within no time amost staff members on both sides as they agreed to take this mission of bringing about better understanding forward .

While planning project work for class 9 , teachers decided to focus on NZ to design a project involving multiple intelligence . The results of this project were worth the effort it required .Students came back to proudly show the gamut of information collected and displayed them enthusiastically for all parents , guests and visitors .They take pride in sharing their new found knowledge about endemic birds besides Kiwi .They know as much about NZ cricket team as Indian. They especially enjoyed making travel brochure of NZ and learning about adventure sports in NZ and the cost involved.They found biography of Edmund Hillary very inspiring .They took keen interest in finding more about mountain climbing gear and equipment used and converted its cost into Indian Rupees .Mathematics project involved taking a close look at symmetrical patterns used in NZ architecture and making graphs of population growth .They also learnt about Alternative sources of energy being used in NZ. Waitangi Day festival has become popular as children collected pictures and articles to prepare a newsletter on it .

All this project work involved the process of collection of information and its creative synthesis .Internet was not the only source of information but direct interaction with people from NZ was also encouraged .Mr David Hair author of book "Bone Tikki" Ms Perya Short Education Counsellor NZ High Commission supported our efforts . Ms Melanie Chapman(educational Counsellor) and MR Izak Human(Manager International liaison), from NZ High commission were also appreciative of the work done by pupils . We also received a lot of support and encouragement from Ms Lyn potter art teacher from Marcellin Art college,Auckland NZ who shared with our pupils the art of making Puti Puti flowers.Feedback taken from children encourages us to further this type of interaction and activities as it not only broadens their horizons and perspective but also helps them to become better communicators .We have received ample suppport and appreciation from all quaters in our endeavour to prepare our pupils for tomorrow and are geared up to take this exploration forward.

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