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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:35 AM, veenita dar wrote:

Dear Sandhya/

I am in the process of compiling the ISA dossier for which I need the following clarifications urgently:

1.Should there be activity cover sheet for every sub-activity? eg. if a particukar activity involves two things-say board display and Quiz--then this case should there be two activity cover sheets? i.e. one each for diaplay and another for quiz?

Answer -Only one comprehensive cover sheet required for each eactiity.

In the content column please describe all subactivities

2. Should every activity have a brief report in the begining and a conclusion at the end of the activity?

Answer .A comprehensive report with objective and conlusion is desirable .You may paste reports submitted for magazine for the same

3. Should there be one overall conclusion too at the end of the dossier?

Answer--It is desirable to reflect upon the work done and make future plans

4. Should there be a page in the begining containing what the principal has to say about ISA activity in school?

Answer-Yes it is desirable but not essential

Looking forward to your reply

Veenita Dar



Hi Sandhya,

Hw are u? I am in Delhi to submit the ISA Dossier to The British Council. We have really worked very hard but I do not know if we have done it as per your satisfaction.

Indeed you had been a big help in this process - attending to our phone calls, replying our mails, guiding us when we lost the track by assessing our project But the most important were your inspiring words during the Mid Term Review Meeting . Believe me I am really greatfull for all your support and help.I have done my best with the type of resources available and time in - hand.

We are eagerly waiting for the declarationof the results of ISA - kept our fingers crossed.

Bi, take care

with regards,
Ritu Beri
Unison World School

Dehra Doon