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Saturday, January 9, 2010

International Project Work


Summer holiday project this year was a journey of exploration. All subject teachers sat together to link their subjects with countries allotted to them. Students are asked to collect pictures and information and use them to creatively use the information and draw conclusions
Class 1 started their journey near home and collected pictures of festivals and foods associated with them

Class 2 loved Kangaroos and decided to explore Australia . They painted beautiful T shirts on Australia and made lovely posters of famous places in Australia.

Class 3 went to enterprising Japan and made models of Indo Japanese collaboration in electronics . They read Japanese stories made models of Japanese objects in the story including tea cups and hand painted Fans. They even made costumes with paper folding.
In Maths they decided to use origami to learn about angles and triangles and other geometrical shapes.

Class 4 had fun with Disneyland characters which they used to create cartoon cubes in Maths. They had fun making models of inventions made by American scientists . Wright brothers were famous among pupils with model aeroplanes. They made posters of National Bird Bald Eagle and collected information on its habit and habitat.

Class 5 were sent to magical Russia to find out more about the great epic “ War and Peace” Students wrote book reviews and made book covers . They made made models of famous landmarks in Russia and located them on the Map and then find out more about climatic conditions prevalent there. They made gift boxes to pack most beautiful things in Russia and wrote letters to their penpals to send them which included Russian dolls , chocolates , coins in many cases.

Class 6 wanted to know more about history of Royal Family of UK so they decided to create a family tree. They created travelogues and travel brochures of their virtual journey to UK. They brought from UK a rich tapestry of UK for their friends depicting National flower and emblem of four parts of United Kingdom namely England ,Wales , Scotland and Ireland .

They even brought back from their virtual journey a miniature of Big Ben personally crafted by their little hands .

Class 7 virtually went to China to collect information of their early civilizations and its contribution to modern science and technology .They discovered history of gunpowder , paper making and advancements in language and computation by Chinese . They made models of Great Wall of China and learnt about its history . They looked at the communist political system to make comparison with politics of democracy at home .

Class 8 were the most creative in their literary , scientific as well as gastronomical pursuits.
They took a newsletter on history of Fashion in France and its current trends . They discovered that there are great possibilities of fusion cuisines so they created a menu card of French , Indian as well as fusion cuisines. They made models of French space shuttle Cassini A photoalbum of French landmarks with subtitles in English and Hindi will come in handy for any traveler going from India to France.

Class 9 decided to take a new view point and decided to look for Principles of Mathematics in New Zealand . Landmarks in NZ were objects of Geometrical interpretations conforming to laws of Trigonometry .Data interpretation on basis statistics collected on demographic profiles became the new area of interest. Hindi lessons were not left untouched by the frenzy of exploration of new ideas and decided to look at Cricket links between NZ and India .

Posters in Hindi on upcoming test match between NZ and India and Cricket score cards of teams members from both sides could be traded at a wishful price. Mr Isaac Human Liaison Officer , International Trade with NZ High Commission was so impressed with project work on Adventure sports in NZ especially mountaineering , that he requested the school to share samples of the w0rk with schools in NZ .He offered to gift NZ cricket team sports cards to the NZ team

On the whole the massive exercise of desktop exploration around the world received rave reviews from all participants and parents when this work was displayed for parents on 18 th August 2009 raising the benchmark higher for teachers as well as students in their future exploits.

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