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Saturday, January 9, 2010

E Newsletter exchange

The E- Newsletter of the school BBPS Mail continues to make waves locally and globally . It is compiled exclusively by pupils of the school on monthly .it is available on the school websites as well as widely circulated among partner schools overseas. It carries news and views of children on variety of projects and issues .It provides an outlet for creative literary pursuits of budding journalists who are learn to use print media as an effective tool for making and molding public opinion about issues in a democratic society.

The exchange which was initiated with Carlton Digby school for special children as a means of improving communication skills has blossomed into a full bloom as expression of unbridled creativity of pupils. This newsletter has reached shores of NewZealand , England and Lebanon

Some of the encouraging responses to our newsletter are chronicled below
.The school continuously strives to overcome barriers of language and distance through creative use of technology .

“Finally got to look at the newsletter. Great are busy as ever.There is nothing here that even comes close to what we do in India. Tomorrow we are participating in a Read for the Record marathon where 1 million ppl over the world are reading a book. Empire state building is going to be lit up on the occasion. In our school, all teachers will read the book to their students at the same time. Senior students will go to junior classes to read to them in pairs.
Next week we have spirit week where every day, students will celebrate a different 'spirit'. Then there's red ribbon week celebrating professionals from different fields. Kidstuff, really. That's all.
Well, keep me posted.”

Ruchi Chhabra USA

. I also read your newsletter and liked it. this is exactly what can be interested for others - info about what you do in your school. It was interesting for me and would be for other students and teachers. you can publish this info with some photos in our horizon too. Have a nice day-
Kruczek Gra┼╝yna ,Poland
Hi , you are doing a lot at your school for the international dimension. If I could get a grant to visit with another colleague I would love to come and visit your school “
Rob Ford, UK

S.C.Baveja, Joint Secretary , Child Education Society India

Good initiative !

J.C.Ajmani , Advisor Child Education Soceity ,India

Great to read your newsletter.
Our students have been creating great shoes out of recycled paper and cardboard. Will mail next term when they are ready.
I also organised an international week at our school, but compared with yours, it was nothing! Well done,
Lyn Potter ,New Zealand

The school continuously strives to overcome barriers of language and distance through creative use of technology . Virtual interaction and exchange of ideas with peers across the world as proved to be boon for churning of literary pursuits who continue to set new milestone with issue of BBPS mail .

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