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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day

Elimination of racial discrimination day- Skit on violation of Human rights.

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed annually on 21 March. On that day, in 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid "pass laws". Proclaiming the Day in 1966, the General Assembly called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination .On 14 dec 2009 , students of Bal Bharati reminded us all about many such incidences of discrimination and abuse which form antithesis of our education system as well spirit of our constitution of our democratic nation which proclaims equal access and equal opportunity for without any discrimination of any kind. In this interhouse event students helped us to understand how basis for discrimination may not be racial alone , it can be subtle or overt on the basis of caste , creed , language , region , gender or even profession .Mr Nigel Fancourt , researcher from University of Warwick UK who was present on the occasion marveled at the use dramatics to help children understand a concept which may be very alien to them in real life .He appreciated pupils for bringing alive the trauma as well as the conflict through role play and encouraged them to raise their voice against it in a democratic honour .Ms Simmi Kher Coordinator Tony Blair Faith Foundation lauded efforts of the school for bringing education outside the classroom and making it relevant to real life .

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