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Sunday, January 10, 2010

International Flag Day

9 International Flag Day – Flag making.
Celebrations of global diversity through Flags was the main objective of celebrating International Flag Day.A project called Flags on eLanguages website invited schools to look at the history of our flags and to design our own. This idea cuaght the imagination of children and they started colouring and creating Flags .The entire school wore an “international” look with flags of all colours adorning the corridors. Puilsin primary classes were happy to clour their national flag and learn about the significance of colours in the flag .greatest enthusiasm was displayed by pupils of middle and secondary department who traced the history of evolution of Indian Flag .They gave vent to their creativity by designing flags for continents ,even one for themselves carefully choosing the colours for them. The work done by them was displayed on e Languages website where students shared their flags with peers across the globe.

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