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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Focus on France

Focus on France- We at Bal Bharati believe that learning a foreign language in today’s world is a way to broaden the perspective for our students and help them to connect and communicate with the world. We want our French learning students to explore the language not only through books but through various interactive activities. Therefore, we celebrated FRENCH WEEK in our school in the month of August starting with an exhibition of Project work done in French on 13 th August 2009 where Napolean was vying for attention along with Voltaire and Cassini

Students had done research and made very interesting projects which included making a French menu card , making a time line leading upto French revolution .Projects work on Cassini spacecraft were very intriguing . A newsletter on French Fashion industry was certainly the cynosure of all eyes. .
Other interesting activities planned for the week included Radio Show in French , Quiz in French , Comic Strip writing in French and making a photo album in French . Pupils enjoyed creative use of their newfound foreign language skills. Experiences of pupils were shared in Assembly which focused on advantages of learning foreign language which helps to melt differences between people from various cultures

The high point in a French language class was when Dr Nigel Fancourt researcher at Warwick University saw the pictures of these activities on the blog and commented that he found them as very interesting way of teaching a foreign language .On his recent visit to Bal Bharati Public School Dwarka , he interacted with French studying pupils in class VIII and shared with them his experiences of living in France and England .Children asked him wide variety of questions ranging from French accent to French Breakfast to celebrations of Christmas in France and schooling in France.
Ms Simmi Kher, Coordinator Tony Blair Face to Faith Foundation who was present as an observer commented that it was an effective method of creating love for French language and culture where first hand direct experience is rare for children .She appreciated the efforts made by school to provide variety of experiences for better understanding of pupils.

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