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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mothers cook Book

4 International food fiesta

a. Mothers cook book .When a group of teachers from Owairaka School in New Zealand arrived in BBPS they brought with them a rare treasure a compilation of traditional recipes of New Zealand .
Ms Suruchi Gandhi proposed to reciprocate with Mothers recipes collected from parents of school students as well as visitors and friends from across oceans Ms Poonam Jain graciously offered to compile the recipes which has been a greatly rewarding experience for her as she says

“I greatly enjoyed the process of editing the book ‘Great Recipes’. Although compiling this book had its challenges but I knew the goal could be accomplished as long as I presented user-friendly information to the readers. The process started in January when the parents were asked to send the recipes for the proposed book which was to be released on Mother’s Day.
My joy knew no bounds when I came to know that this project was given to me. There was a mixed feeling of added responsibility and excitement.
After the proposal came the writing. The process is divided into various stages. From memory it goes something like this:
• Writing the introduction
• Sorting the recipes –This was the most difficult step. I received about 150 recipes and while going through the photographs and recipes , I could see and feel the emotions of mothers who had made so much of effort for their children.
• Writing the index took a lot of time. The content had to be put into various categories.
• Collecting recipes from International partners.
• Proof reading required replacing some commonly used words with technical terms and arranging and combining the steps to make the matter more precise and concise. I had to constantly consider the readers and whether the instructions and explanations were clear enough.
• When the whole book was complete it went through a technical review from language expert. I roped my colleague Deepti Sharma in for this work.
• Completing front matter and index.
Most rewarding has been the encouraging feedback from Parents and Teachers
• An authentic work, a great achievement. The book shall find a special place in many homes.
• A portrayal of true affection between mother and child.
• A good book with easy to prepare recipes which can be prepared with locally available ingredients.

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