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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Connecting classrooms in China - 27-28 jan 2010

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  1. Rittika, I am sure you have known that Sandhya has made great contributions to the recent annual conference in Beijing and especially the ISA parallel session. We have found that there is lots we could learn from the successful Indian experience on ISA.

    Medy Wang

    Program coordinator
    British council



    Who could have imagined decades ago that China would be opening its doors to educators from U.K. and India. Winds of change are sweeping across the world as the global village is shrinking faster than before.

    Connecting classroom conference organized in Beijing on January 27 & 28, 2010 was an initiative of British Council China to bring all the stake holders in Education in China on a common platform to discuss their aspirations for the rapidly changing education scenario of the 21st century. Around 300 participants from Ministry of Education, Local & district level education authorities, Principals & school teachers from China & U.K. were invited to explore possibilities and benefits of collaborative learning.

    Ms Sandhya Kakkar was invited to present a case study of Bal Bharati Public School’s involvement in International School Award Scheme and present a model of collaborative learning for schools around the world.

    Participants appreciated the efforts made by the school to integrate internationalism in curriculum which not widened perspective of staff as well as students also encouraged creativity and collaboration at many levels. Participants felt that there were number of similarities in Indian and Chinese education system and they could benefit from experiments and reforms done in Bal Bharati Public School to shift from a teacher Centred teaching model to a student led learning system.